Powerful Solar-Powered Solution.

The SOLVEIL® solutions take an innovative approach to video surveillance, developing an effective, easy-to-deploy, secure and highly reliable solution for a number of industries, such as energy, infrastructure, education, event management, and freight and logistics.

The platform reduces power consumption up to 90 percent (compared to an industry standard outdoor camera) and eliminates the need for trenching and additional infrastructure investments.
SOLVEIL® allows users to place cameras where they are needed most. And, our easy to deploy solutions gives users the ability to move cameras as areas of interest change. SOLVEIL® leverages robust and proven wireless, IT and solar technologies, ensuring security video and data is protected and up time is maximized.

Designed to meet today’s requirements as well as tomorrow’s, the SOLVEIL® system can easily be expanded on demand. A single solar panel powers the camera, making the SOLVEIL solution the most compact solar wireless system available.

No cables, no trenching, no problem. SOLVEIL® is easy and quick to install, which minimizes deployment time and reduces business interruption.