Robin Radar

Advanced • Accurate • Adaptable


What can ROBIN Radar do for you?

ROBIN bird detection systems are purpose-built to give you an accurate, continuous, real-time view of bird movements. With more than three decades of cutting-edge radar research and development expertise built in, our systems offer the best-possible combination of range, resolution and clutter filtering.

• Increase the flight safety and decrease flight schedule interruptions by reducing the amount of bird strikes, with a goal of more than 60%. 

• Improve the efficiency of bird control units by presenting a “telescope” for bird controllers on the runways in a 3D environment, 24/7 and in all weather.

• Deliver a system which can be used as a habitat management tool by identifying the high risk areas with much bird activity around the airport.

• Present species recognition capabilities which leads to a more focused bird deterrence system with customizable client needs.

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