Bottled Liquid Scanner


ECAC Approved Type B Standard 3

Unparalleled Threat Detection with Uncompromised Convenience.

Sellex and Battelle, one of the world’s largest independent research and development organizations, have joined forces to develop a first-of-its kind technology to safely, quickly, and accurately detect threat liquids.

LS10 Upgradability
The LS10 provides for software upgrades via standard computer USB interfaces. As threat and stream-of-commerce liquids are introduced, LS10 libraries can be updated to maintain the highest level of performance and customer confidence.
LS10 Technology – Power of Two
Unlike other liquid scanners, the LS10 employs dual sensing modalities of a radio frequency technology transmitting a low power RF pulse and an ultrasonic subsystem generating a short ultrasonic pulse. An intuitive user interface guides security personnel through each required step. The data sets are then combined and analyzed via proprietary data fusion.
The LS10 is a bottle liquid scanner that is calibrated to detect threat flammables, acids, oxidizers, explosive precursors and explosive compounds in opened and unopened plastic, glass, metal, paper and ceramic containers. Bottles may be clear, colored or opaque.

• Power of Two – Dual technologies heighten detection capabilities

• Accurate threat detection in clear, colored and opaque plastic and glass containers in less than 5 seconds

• Efficient processing of passenger and employee liquids with high detection capability and low false alarm rate

• Ease of operation facilitates training and produces consistent operation and accurate results

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