Veisar Technologies is a security, safety and surveillance technology provider, delivering state of the art turn-key solutions.

Veisar Technologies has cemented its place at the forefront of Critical Infrastructure Protection supporting customers throughout the Middle East and Asia Pacific region. From our offices in Dubai, Singapore and Hong Kong and a variety of channel partners, we deliver innovative, integrated solutions; from design and installation through to commissioning, personnel training and ongoing customer support, meeting not just your needs today – but long into the future.

Bird Strike Mitigation, Video Surveillance, Process Monitoring, Airport Security and Passenger Screening are key segments of our business.

Through our global partnership with manufacturer Battelle, Veisar is a distributor of the cutting-edge LS10 bottled liquid scanner. We are also able to supply the latest in airport security products such as Avian Radar technology, Explosive Trace Detection, Baggage X-ray systems, Behavioural Recognition Software, Facial Recognition Software, Short & Long Range surveillance cameras and CCTV systems.

Veisar Technologies is part of the global Western Advance Group, which has cemented its place as a leading broad based engineering and service providers of electronic security systems, fire detection, surveillance systems, radar and surveying technology.

Whether you require complete installation of a new system or to deploy a brand new product, or simply to maintain currency by upgrading an existing system, Veisar Technologies has the solution.